8 Keys to the Right Thoughts and Right Results

It says… “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” Proverbs 23:7a – KJV: As one (reckons), and the heart is the (inner-man or the mind). When it comes to what we speak, our words are like (packages or containers) that contain power in them. It says… “Death and life are in the power of the tongue:” Proverbs 18:21a – KJV: Need I say more? So how does one speak differently? You must change your thoughts. In other words, change your thoughts, change your vocabulary, and change your life. What you think and speak will affect the type of results that you desire. What do your desire, bad results or good results?

5 Keys to Become Aware Of Your Thoughts:

The Keys to Renewing the Mind: Apply these principles with Authentic Positive Action

1. Become aware of what you are thinking

2. Become aware of how you should think

3. Focus your thoughts on God’s thoughts

4. Practice thinking the thoughts of God until they are your own

5. Apply thoughts of God to your life style on a daily basis.

3 Keys to Speak Differently:

The Keys to Speaking Correctly: Apply these principles with Authentic Positive Action

6. When the thoughts or (mindset) is changed, your vocabulary will change

7. Speak positive faith-filled words

8. Do this daily so that it becomes your life style

Remember that what is on the inside of you (your internal mindset) will display (externally). You live your life from the inside out. It is extremely important that we go from a carnal mindset to a spiritual mindset.


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